Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ayat ORaNg siNI saNA

this is my bel assignment . i have to find at least 10 students outside the class to continue the sentences i have a crush . and this is what i got . sperb crazy story . haha

i have a crush with a sweet girl and i cry every night.ever since i met her, i felt myself were on top of moon with the flowers bloomed as i passed through them.yet, i realised that she with another guy.but i will never give up.i will try my best to win her heart.even though i have to  cautch a grenade!!.now, i will beat that guy and get my girl back.why can't forget her??!!. she always in my mind.. now theres to many question unanswered.why there have to be another there better man than me???.definitely yes.i'm not the one.but girl now doesn't look at the outside look but at the money.but now, i change my mind.i will forget her and remove her face in my im know that she's lost her virgin to a security guard  at her neighbourhood area fucking damn !!!


something to memorize
something to think
something to patience
something to tolerate
something to forgive
something to creative

Thursday, March 3, 2011

good / bad

sometimes i worried what people thinks on me . i am fear to make mistake that leads me to do anything that has no guarantee and might gives regret . i shall be prepared .