Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hear me

it seems like i don't know how to showing my feelings
it needs so much strength to deal with that
i have no intention to falling in love
but it just happen
can you hear me ?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

doesn't meant

my buddies talk to me how his felt when he was ignored .
i just can said , ''doesn't meant what i want are mine'' .

Sunday, November 13, 2011

1 of 11 luckiest person talk

nothing to say about you my friend but i feel like i owe you so much . i have no words about first love . when there has someone i miss i will contact them and make a long chat . im not dare to dream a very beautiful girl with prettiest face but as long she want a serious relationship thats enough .what people don't know about me is i had one major problem that always happen that i forget what i had said to myself . to be hypocrite will doesn't bring a good solution but might be give big problem , better speak the truth . in my birthday i always hope to discovered a new life and make a new chapter in my life to do anything to be a wiser and strong person . i am confidence in something i have done but easy to lose it if someone judge me . there has many problem in life but i like to picked a random problem and discovered a few different ways of solve it . sometime i fail sometime complete . i want arabic style in my wedding theme that decorated with goldish colours , haha . nothing much i hope 11 years from now but i wish i could be the person that can make my parents proud of me that is more than enough . me , ariff .

Sunday, October 9, 2011

gf .

I am single now but there has someone for me i need ,
she always fresh me up ,
 i want say i start to like her ,
but i don't want exaggerating my feelings .

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

wide smile

my life were surrounded by people with different kind of various modes which colouring my days .

Saturday, June 18, 2011

today is monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday

i thought everything changed after so long but the feelings turns out the same.

when i headed to the class
i walk with my head down the floor
sit at any blank corner
listen to lecturer
and go back with my face almost stick to my chest
this how i tell people my U life.

Monday, May 9, 2011


everybody has luck ,
the different is more or less ,
if i have no efforts i only depends on luck,
i believe luck is superpower full with miracle .

would you pick me ?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grown Up

i always believe a person grown up make them to be a type of people.
i always believe a type of people make a person to  be matured.
i always believe matured will make people to survive
i always believe survive is grown up (:

 p/s: survive to growth 

Sunday, May 1, 2011


when i were stepped out the exam hall , i discussed the paper with my friends . i normally didn't do that but this time i did . i want to confirm my answers . i realized that i were just miss a big portion of marks which most students can do well . from that i just hoping there's something like markah kesian . but i left so many section blanked . how much only could i get ? confirmly i failed for sure .


Friday, April 8, 2011

where is myself .

sometimes i thought
there were so many junctions in my life
but why did i keep turning into the same one everyday
i got so bored of heading to the same place .

p/s : i need a changes .

Saturday, April 2, 2011


the thing that kept me up last night is DOTAAAA! but , some people complaining why people can be obsessed over it . this is not a new game . but the new map of this game will be updated in time . people think its like game full with stupidity but you are wrong . its strategy games buddy! you can play it by online or with pc . some of you might have played it already . where for those who haven't , i know you won't trust what im saying about the addiction towards this game . then , you can give it a try . belum cube belum tahu .      


here is it . i love this heroes in DOTA much!.


im doesn't like hot serving . i really hate to blow them . but , with this techno , i can always eat MEE HUN TOM YAM without blow them anymore . 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ayat ORaNg siNI saNA

this is my bel assignment . i have to find at least 10 students outside the class to continue the sentences i have a crush . and this is what i got . sperb crazy story . haha

i have a crush with a sweet girl and i cry every night.ever since i met her, i felt myself were on top of moon with the flowers bloomed as i passed through them.yet, i realised that she with another guy.but i will never give up.i will try my best to win her heart.even though i have to  cautch a grenade!!.now, i will beat that guy and get my girl back.why can't forget her??!!. she always in my mind.. now theres to many question unanswered.why there have to be another there better man than me???.definitely yes.i'm not the one.but girl now doesn't look at the outside look but at the money.but now, i change my mind.i will forget her and remove her face in my im know that she's lost her virgin to a security guard  at her neighbourhood area fucking damn !!!


something to memorize
something to think
something to patience
something to tolerate
something to forgive
something to creative

Thursday, March 3, 2011

good / bad

sometimes i worried what people thinks on me . i am fear to make mistake that leads me to do anything that has no guarantee and might gives regret . i shall be prepared .

Monday, January 31, 2011


Bel time
26 january 2011
8.00a.m. to 10.00a.m.
The day where i feeling strange when i enter the class . i am very nervous at that time . my heart beat very faster . oh god , i can totally understand what is it going on . my prediction was correct . it was something i did not like to do roughly . YES! speech test! im still not ready yet! hmmm , but what can i do , life must be go on :p

let's we start with Salam ,
Foot Ball
he said , he like christiano ronaldo
good point!
but is it the point??

it's Iman
My Style
he said about his style as the title was my style
good .

Promoting Uitm Kuala Pilah
hmm , good point . so , no comment..
but why you scold salam in front of the class at that time ?

We Are Depending To Much In Technology
and he said , yes . agree . ok lah , he's agree and  i am agree also .

Nur Amalina
Ancourage To Never Give Up
she very spirited to tell the class about it . good job .

Online Shopping
the silencer , hee
speech time , so speak2~
haha , antam sajalarh..

Sex Education
why i got this??
it's shame larhh to story..

fuh , i like this .
but she only story about the advantages
of war and it's effect??
boring larhh..any word if you do a story about the action ?
btw , you confidence to speak about it . congrate .

How To Improve English huh??

you give a speech like our pm..

Siti Mariam
Learning Math And Science In English
she said malay student only can read but cant understand..
hwo the hell r you?? indian??..haha..
*joke (:

Siti Hidayah
Social Problem's to many , but i dont know whether she speak or not .
your voice to soft la de..

said , unity is important to our country and full stop .
haha , explain gurl..

Life Without fb
hmm..she said she still can life without fb .
but how about MARK ZUCKERBERG??

Cosmetic Surgery
Ohho..come on larhh..
dont only speak about the fact .
story about MJ lorhh..

wahh , so lucky you . interesting topi .
she said , kid brighten up her day .
is it your kid?? just doubing .

Nur Malina
Elderly Should Live In Old Folks Home
i absolutely agree with her that we should take a good 
care of our parents (:

How To Overcome Stress
now i know why he is always smile and smile for 24 hours..haha :D

People You Admire
she said , she want a religious person .
brave , CUTE?? and confident person .
but why you are not bringing out intelligent??..
that is more important .

Favorite Subject
necessarily nut physic!
but she said she love english , good..
anyway , she is not lying . it has been proved
as she can talk confidently in english .
not like me :(

Siti Mulyani
no comment..everybody like shopping .
more so when there is a sale (:

Women Now Can Stand Level With Men
she said , she was agree with it
i agree with her also .

Love At The First Sight
she said , she disagree at the first sight of love
because we can't simply fall in love with someone 
by not knowing their inner attitude .
good girl .

Sunday, January 30, 2011


feeling very great at this moment (:
extend time sleep
no annoying class
do not have to wake up early in the morning
go hangout with my family and friends
out for a walk with my sweethearts . haha *joke de..
can go to bed late
rolling on my bed while surfing internet for a whole day
but the problem is..
a lot of homework and assingment to be done !
oH! shit!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


ini ak de bende nak share sikit tips tuk student if lecturer tnye knp lmbt msuk kuliah..

lecturer : knp lmbt!!!

student : tadi ade kemalangan..sebab tu saye

lecturer : ye ke?! lepas tu?!

student : lepas tu sorang mangse jerit..

lecturer : hm? lepas tu..?

student : die jerit "bertukar!"..lepas tu die
jd ultraman..

lecturer : Wow! lepas tu..?

student : die pun terbang ke langit dan lawan
dengan raksasa..raksasa pun keluarkan

lecturer :LEPAS TU????LEPAS TU????..@@

haha..punye la smngat lecturer tu nak tau..ok la..smpi situ je la yg ak bley g tau...yg len2 korang continue r sendri k..=)

Friday, January 21, 2011


1. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia nak tutup aurat.

2. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia jaga maruah..diri..dan keluarga.

3. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab.. Sebab dia cantik.

4. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia tak hendak tunjuk kecantikan dia..
    kecuali pada yang berhak.

5. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia seorang yang pandai..pandai jaga diri.

6. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia anak solehah…

7. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
     Sebab dia dengar cakap mak bapak dia..

8. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab dia hormati orang lain..

9. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
    Sebab takut apabile dia tak pakai tudung
    orang tengok dia cantik..
    dan ada niat yang tak baik..

10. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
     Sebab tak nak diminati ramai lelaki sangat..

11. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab tak nak menyusahkan orang lain..

12. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
       Sebab dapat pahala..

13. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab dapat menghindari maksiat..InsyaAllah ..

14. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab supaya dapat menjadi contoh
      pada perempuan lain..

15. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab supaya lelaki yang beriman saja
      yang suka dia..

16. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab mendengar suruhan Nabi…

17. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab rambut wanita adalah mahkota baginya..
      Jadi dia tak nak sewenang2nya menunjuk
      kepada lelaki Kerana jika dia menunjuk
      maknanya dia dah tak bernilai kerana mahkota dia
      telah dilhat oleh semua lelaki (kecuali keluarga).

18. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab dapat mengurangkan nafsu lelaki..

19. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab patuh pada suami..

20. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab paling penting.. Dia orang Islam…

21. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?.
      Sebab dalam Al-Quran suruh dia pakai tudung..
      Kalau orang Islam tapi tak berpegang pada
      Al- Quran..Nak berpegang pada apa lagi..??

22. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Pasal anda memang cantik lah kalau
      pakai tudung..Orang lelaki memang
      suka org perempuan yang pakai tudung..

23. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Pasal mereka tahu kalau tak pakai tudung
      mereka akan“syok sendiri” yang mereka
      tu lawa…Rugi lah kalau begitu…
      Pakailah tudung wahai muslimah Islam..Serius ni…

24. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Pasal dia tak mahu orang lelaki suka
      kat dia pasal nafsu semata2…Mesti nak
      kat dia pasal agama dan akalnya yang
      baik… .

25. Kenapa wanita cantik pakai tudung?
      Sebab……Banyak lagi sebab…pastu ada
      seorang bertanya perempuan yang tak
      bertudung tu tak cantik la ye?
      haa, sape nak jawab?

p/s: cantik itu subjektif…semua org dilahirkan cantik…
apatah lagi jika mengikut syarak yang ditentukan Allah. kan?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


sorry because didn't come to your class miss. 
i admit my mistake. actually i come but very late.
when i arrived my friend told me that the class finish already.aigoo..
i hope you're not angry and forgive me .
i promise to arrange my time table next time efficiently 
and try to come your class punctually.
i hope you accept my forgiveness . ariff..